Welcome to Willow House, original and limited edition art prints

Here you’ll find selections of my linocut, woodcut and wood engraved prints

Silbury Hill linocut on A4
Silbury Hill linocut

Limited and open edition relief prints

Lino prints can be made from one or more blocks. Single block prints can use contrast to great effect. Multiple blocks permit layering of colours for vibrant designs.

Relief prints are made by cutting away material from the surface of a ‘block’ or ‘plate’ – of wood, lino, or other material. Ink is then applied to the remaining areas and run through a press to transfer the image to paper.

Recent updates

Print Shop

The Print Shop has a selection of linocut, woodcut and engraved prints, as well as greetings cards.

In the Print Gallery

You will find a selection of my recent work in the Print Gallery, along with studio images and details of inspiration and processes behind a number of works