Introduction to Linocut – a workshop for Liverpool Print Fair

As part of the varied weekend schedule of demonstrations, hands-on printing and beginners sessions organised by Liverpool Print Fair, I was delighted to lead an introductory workshop on lino design, cutting and printing.

Attendees were introduced to the tools and materials of linocut and to the Grosvenor School artists who helped to bring linocut into the popular consciousness – as both a vibrant artform and as an accessible art practice for anyone to enjoy.

expressive marks in lino
Inking the block
proofing the bookplate

With books and samples available for inspiration, attendees used offcuts of traditional lino to familiarise themselves with the EssDee lino cutting tools. Beginning with the broader ‘U’ shaped cutters to make expressive marks and patterns, and moving on to look at the finer, detail cutters they would use for their bookplates.

Attendees then rolled ink to the perfect consistency, sample blocks were inked up and proofed by hand, and using the rolling press.

For the final, take away piece, initials were drawn by hand or traced from type sample sheets over a lightbox. Their designs were then transferred to lino blocks – reversed – ready to cut.

With a choice of two pre-cut designs the final step was to slot the initial blocks together and take the final prints.

The final, customised bookplates

Each attendee designed and cut their own nameplate, inked, proofed and took the final impression themselves. The event was supported by Liverpool Print Fair’s partners and sponsors with tools and materials supplied by Cass Arts Liverpool and EssDee.

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