Privacy Statement

This website collects a minimum amount of data necessary to process and despatch orders. That information is only collected at the point of sale, or setting up an account.

Website accounts

Should you choose to setup an account on this website, we will need to collect and store some personal information. You may choose at any time close your account and request that any account-related data is deleted.

Sales, orders and delivery

Should you choose to purchase an item from this website we will need to collect and store some personal information, whether or not you choose to create and maintain an account with this website.

For the security and safety of all concerned, data related to sales, ordering and delivery is collected in order to provide those services and is stored for longer, for example to ensure orders are fulfilled successfully, that fraud may be prevented, and that any disputes arising from sales, orders or delivery may be rectified.


This website uses cookies to improve the usability of the website, and to provide the services on offer. There are essential cookies only, necessary to support those services.

You can read more about this website’s cookies policy on the cookie policy page.

This policy was last updated in February 2023.