Print Shop Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions are below, and should be read in full before completing an order. By completing an order, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions below.

The following three items are worth noting as they will help to protect your order in transit and assist with resolving problems:

  1. Parcels are usually sent with the Willow House Prints logo applied. You should photograph your unopened parcel before opening to record the state of the parcel and tamper-proof seals.
  2. If there’s any problem with your order upon arrival or you’re in any way not satisfied with your order, please review the delivery and returns sections below, and then get touch.
  3. If ordering from outside the UK, please read ‘Item availability for international despatch’ before ordering, and be aware of any import duties that you or the recipient may be liable to pay upon delivery.

Handmade editions – no two the same

Most of my work is handmade, so each print is uniquely different from the next. This is true even with prints from the same edition. Variability between each impression is one of the unique facets of this ancient artform.

As such the images you see in edition listings may not be the exact printed image you receive, but is always a print that I would be happy to display myself. I make and discard many prints when developing or printing my editions, and only the best prints are retained and made available for sale.

For more guidance on buying and enjoying relief prints, please review my Print buyer’s guide.

Open editions

Prints from open editions are sold without a limit on their number. However there will be a physical limit of the number of prints as the print blocks begin to wear out.

Limited editions

Prints from limited editions are by definition limited to number specified at the time they go on sale. Once sales of all numbered prints from a limited edition are sold no more prints will be made or sold.

Artist’s Proofs

I may make available from time to time a selection of proofs, these may be unique one-off designs that did not go to edition, or they may be proofs taken during the development of an edition. Proofs may differ significantly from the edition, and so those proofs are always sold as individual items, and the images you see on Proof listings will be the one you will receive.

Artist’s proofs may exist from open and from limited editions, but will not contribute to those editions or the count of prints in those editions. Proofs are always marked as proofs using ‘A/P’ or similar to differentiate them from edition prints.

Item Availability for international despatch

Please note that I am unable at this time to fulfil orders for delivery to the United States of America other than A4 sized original prints.

This is because of limitations in the size of parcels/letters that can be sent, the available insurance available for them, and ongoing cybersecurity issues with my main provider.

It may also not be possible to fulfill certain international orders based on the value of the order compared to the available insurance for the order.

As such I may have to cancel or negotiate alternative arrangements for international orders for the foreseeable future.

Cards and Stationery

Cards and stationery available from this website may be commercially printed from my original designs or handprinted and finished by me in the studio. Handmade cards and stationery are subject to the same variations described above for original prints.



Most of my prints are A4 or smaller, and are dispatched in either card-backed envelopes, or small mailing boxes. Larger prints are usually rolled into mailing tubes. Framed works are padded and dispatched in mailing boxes.

International delivery

There are limitations on the size and number of prints I can send internationally, and limits on the insurance values per parcel applicable to international orders.

This usually means only my smaller prints can be dispatched internationally, and for insurance reasons sent one-print-per-parcel.

I only list prints in stock on the print shop, and I can usually despatch a print within 24 hours of purchase on business days. However please check individual listings for typical processing times (‘1-3 business days’ for example).


All prints are quality-assessed one last time before being boxed or wrapped for despatch. Prints in your order will be photographed just before they are packaged so that a record of their quality is available for comparison, for example if we need to discuss damage in transit and/or the return of goods.

Your parcel will be posted with appropriate insurance from the mail provider, and proof of posting is retained for your order (see ‘Delivery’ above).

Lost orders

I can normally give an indication of how long an order might take to arrive based on the provider and service used. If your parcel does not arrive within a reasonable amount of time – taking into account local service standards, weather, industrial action and other factors, please contact me to discuss next steps. I can then make enquiries with the mail provider.

For international the duration of transit will likely be longer (at time of writing January 2023 Royal Mail International Standard delivery is listed as 6-8 days, but recent cybersecurity events are causing delays and disruption).

Damaged orders

All parcels and envelopes are despatched with tamper proof seals.

Upon receipt of your order and before opening the packaging, you should photograph the parcel or letter to record it’s arrival state.

Should any damage occur in transit, the before-opening photographs will assist with any insurance claim with the provider.

If your order arrives damaged you should send photographs of the unopened parcel/letter, photographs of the damaged product(s) and a description of the damage.

Customs and duty

If you order from outside the United Kingdom and/or are having an order delivered to an address outside the United Kingdom, local import duties may be payable on receipt.

If ordering for yourself, payment of these duties is your responsibility, and in some cases you may not be able receive your order until these duties are paid.

If ordering for delivery to someone else, the recipient may be asked to pay duties before the parcel/letter is released and the recipient may choose not to pay and not receive the delivery.

I will do my best to research import duties before completing and despatching an order, but neither I nor a delivery provider can be held responsible for import duty nor for the failure of a delivery where import duty is not paid.

Returns policy

Damaged purchases or those that are not as described in the listing may be returned by arrangement (see ‘Damaged orders’ above).

If you would like to return a purchase for any other reason, please message me within 7 days of purchase to arrange.

In most cases I am happy to refund the purchase cost (minus postage and packaging costs) for returns of this kind, or offer a partial refund based on the state of the returned print.

See ‘Making a return’ below.

Items ineligible for returns

The following items are not eligible for returns and/or refunds:

  1. Downloadable items

Proof of posting

Please arrange proof of posting for all returned items with appropriate insurance for loss / damage in transit. I cannot be responsible for returned items getting lost in the mail. In the event of a returning item being lost in the mail, please contact the service provider to discuss a claim.

Courier services and framed/glazed artwork

If you are returning a framed and glazed artwork, please note that not all couriers will provide insurance for items with glass. You may need to read their terms of service to determine whether or not the item is covered during transit.

Making a return

You can make a return as follows:

  • Message me within 7 days of purchase to discuss which print or prints in the order you wish to return.
  • Ensure the work is in the same condition as when it was despatched, and keep it in the mail packaging. If possible, take photographs of the work before re-packaging.
  • Works returned must be in the same condition as when they were sent – All works are individually photographed at high resolution prior to despatch, and the print must be returned with no damage to print area, paper, edges, mounts, frames or glass. This includes minor creases, dents, watermarks, tears and folds to any area of the paper, not just the printed area. Items sold with their own packaging – for example stationery multi-packs, must have their original packaging present, in good order, with no broken seals/stickers.
  • Arrange despatch and ensure you are given and retain proof of posting. Return postage and packaging costs are at your own expense.
  • Return the print within 14 days of the agreement to return, preferably in the original mail packaging.
  • Returned prints will be examined for damage as mentioned above, and a full purchase price or partial purchase price refund offered depending on the assessments of work received.

Exchanges policy

I do not normally provide exchanges except under the returns policy above, but am more than happy to discuss exchanges.


At time of writing I do not offer any gift options from the Print shop, however when completing an order it is possible to set a different recipient name and address from your own, in order to have an item delivered to another individual as a gift.

I may include free items, samples and/or discount offers with each purchase, please bear this in mind when having items shipped directly to other individuals.

At present I do not offer exchanges, and this includes exchanges requested by recipients of orders that they themselves did not purchase, however I am always happy to discuss exchanges on a case by case basis.


All works listed for sale, including originals and editions, are the copyright of the artist and all reproduction rights are reserved. You may not reproduce any of my work without prior permission