New limited edition & digital prints available

Following Liverpool Print Fair last weekend I’m now adding all the new limited edition hand-made linocuts, wood engravings and digital prints I’ve been working on recently.

Lindeth Tower Garden

Photograph of a garden linocut print in green and black on highly textured paper. The view shows a stone-built tower surrounded by trees and shrubs on the edge of a walled garden
Lindeth Tower Garden, Silverdale. 2-colour reduction lino print on 100% cotton rag paper

This was a fun exercise in brevity and abstraction – taking a complex view of a walled-garden with many kinds of trees and shrubs – as well as a Victorian folly – and reducing it to a limited palette on a small scale.

Printed on 100% cotton rag Khadi paper made for much variation.

The edition is limited to 15 prints and is available now in the Print Shop.

Avebury Cove

Wood engraving

Photograph of a small wood engraving in black and white showing megaliths in a landscape. One of the megaliths depicted is being magnified with a hand held glass
Close up through a magnifying glass of the Avebury Cove wood engraving

I was long overdue depicting one of my favourite ancient sites. This is a view of the Cove at Avebury – a complex within a complex. Carved in lemonwood and around 6cm wide, this is now available in an edition of 50.

Find this in the Print Shop.


linocut from the Invisible Cities series

Photograph of a design for a black and white lino print showing a Saffron flower and a hand holding a large gemstone in which is depicted the towers and spires of a long-remembered city
The design in process for Dorothea – limited edition lino print from the ‘Invisible Cities’ series

This is the first of the cities from Italo Calvino’s novel that I chose to try and describe.

Dorothea is a city precious in the memory of those who pass through it, and I wanted to capture something of how those memories are carried back into the wild.

The edition is limited to 20 prints.

Find this in the Print Shop.

Sophronia I

digital print from the Invisible Cities series

Photo of a digital print of A4 size being held in the hands of the artist. Limited colour image of a city skyline in sharp relief, tall industrial building and houses appear side by side with massive chess pieces

The second city in my series, this was created digitally following plain old pencil sketching. Sophronia is a city with an interesting custom of separating along surprising lines. A reduction woodcut of this subject will also soon be available online.

Sophronia I digital print in the Print Shop

Still to come

There’s still some new limited editions – more from the Invisible Cities and a short edition of my homage to 1980s handheld gaming, which will be added to the shop over the next week or two.

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